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TESTIMONIALS for Rabbi Wiko: ever growing


Dear Rabbi Wiko,

Thank you for being a part of Jason and Ashley’s Wedding Day.  It was so nice that both their religious traditions could be a part of their ceremony.

                                                                      Fondly,Marlene (mother of the groom)


Dear Rabbi Dan,

Thank you for the most amazing wedding ceremony and, then, joining us for dinner and the party.  Sorry about the heat.  We really appreciate everything.

                                                                                          Love from Marek and Barbara


Dear Rabbi Dan,

Brian and I both want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony.  We were both impressed with the dignity and sensitivity that you showed in performing your first same sex marriage.

We will, certainly, refer you to our many friends.

                                                                                                   David and Brian


Dear Rabbi Wiko,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so beautiful.  Your ability to present a traditional ceremony and still include the spiritual aspect that satisfied both of us was remarked about by many guests.


                                                                                   Caroline and Andrew


Dear Rabbi Wiko,

Josh and I both want to thank you for a beautiful and fulfilling ceremony

                                                                                        Fondly, Chloe    

Dear Rabbi,Thanks again for a fantastic ceremony.  What a great way for us to start out as a couple.

                                                                                                    Diane and Kalin


Dear Rabbi Wiko,

Moonbeam and I both thank you for making our “unusual” wedding day such a success.

We loved it that you were able to replace the Chupah with the labyrinth and still make it somewhat traditional.  We both learned a lot about Jewish custom and, absolutely, loved the romantic poetry. We’ll be sending you photos soon.

                                                                                          Thanks again,

                                                                                           Jeff and Moonbeam