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BIOGRAPHY: Rabbi Dr. Dan S. Wiko  Wedding Officiant



Rabbi Wiko’s parents escaped Nazi Germany in 1939 and endured WW2 living, under Japanese occupation, in Shanghai China, where he was born in late 1939.

He was enrolled as a student at the world-famous Mir Yeshiva for two years, until he begged to be sent to a less restrictive school. He was, then, enrolled at the Khadourie International School in Shanghai and remained there, along with receiving his religious studies in a less restrictive school, until the family came to New York in 1947.

In New York, Rabbi Wiko attended the prestigious Manhattan Day School, a more modern version of the yeshiva setting. After two years there, he opted for a more secular education and went on to the public school system while, concurrently, attending Beth Hillel Talmudic Academy from which he was graduated with the highest honors.

He went on to receive a degree in Business Management/Marketing at New York’s City College, spent ten years in the family business which he co-managed and, later, co-owned with his father. Thereafter, Rabbi Wiko received a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling with an emphasis on religious/pastoral counseling. Years later, He enrolled at the Rabbinical Seminary International from which he received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh (Ordination) and his Doctor of Philosophy in Jewish Studies with a focus on counseling from Commonwealth Open University. His Thesis and Dissertation, both, were on Counseling in the Jewish Tradition.

Rabbi Wiko serves as the Jewish Chaplain to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, is the visiting rabbi at the Fountains at Millbrook Retirement Community and a Psychotherapist and Counselor in private practice. He is, also an artist, photographer and writer. His columns appear on a number of E-magazines including and His art is thematic and is reflected in the Ketubahs that he offers to his wedding clients.

Rabbi Wiko is a member of the NY Board of Rabbis, the International Federation of Rabbis, International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the American Association of Psychotherapists. He is, also, active in community politics and affairs.


 Jewish, Interfaith, Same Sex and Civil Wedding Ceremonies in New York State